Year Built
Official Number
Lockheed Corporation
General Type
Roll On - Roll Off (RO/RO)
Specific Type
Roll On/Roll Off
Ship Length
539.60 feet
83.00 feet
Mast Height
153.00 feet
Net Tons
11505.00 tons
Gross Tons
16467.00 tons
Cargo Capacity
77578.00 square feet
Draft, Summer
29.08 tons
Draft, Lightweight
14.80 tons
Displacement, Summer
21480.00 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
9154.00 tons
Immersion, Summer
79.00 tons
Immersion, Lightweight
65.00 tons
Sold - Scrap

Historical Narrative

The former USNS Sea Lift, a Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/Ro) cargo ship, was built by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co., Seattle, Washington and delivered to the Navy's Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS), now the Military Sealift Command (MSC), on May 19, 1967.

The vessel is a somewhat enlarged and improved version of the prototype Ro/Ro, USNS Comet. Sea Lift was assigned to MSTS Pacific, and was engaged in the transportation of military vehicles throughout the East Asia operating area, including deliveries to Vietnam. 

In 1975, Sea Lift was one of seven ships that formed the first pre-positioning squadron in Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean; the ship was renamed Meteor to bring its nomenclature into alignment with that of the Comet, and the chartered Ro/Ro vessels Mercury and Jupiter.

Meteor was among a number of MSC cargo vessels assigned to the Ready Reserve Force (RRF) in fiscal year 1984, with administrative control transferred to the Maritime Administration.  Full title transfer came in the early 1990s. 

Meteor was stationed in the San Francisco Bay area and participated in numerous RRF exercises, and in the major deployment for Operations DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM. 

Meteor was moved from Alameda, California to the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in 2003 while still assigned to the RRF in 10-day retention status; however, in 2006 it was downgraded from the RRF program.  Initially held in retention status as a "military useful" vessel, it was downgraded to non-retention status in January, 2008.

On July 29, 2015, Meteor was withdrawn from Suisun Bay, destined to be recycled under a scrap services contract by All Star Metals of Brownsville, Texas. Vessel was fully dismantled on April 4, 2016.

The Maritime Administration's National Register Eligibility Assessment for Meteor, available in the Documents section, contains a detailed history of the vessel.

Vessel Name History

1967 - 1975: Sealift (LSV-9)
1975 - present: Meteor (T-AKR-9)

Vessel Name History




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Historical Documents
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Event Date Content
4/25/1967 Completed by Lockheed Shipbuilding
Ship Name Change
9/12/1975 Ship SEA LIFT changes name to METEOR
8/1/1985 MARAD took title from US Navy
Entered RRF
10/2/1985 Vessel entered the Ready Reserve Force
Interim Movement
5/2/1997 Completed bay trial
Interim Movement
7/15/1997 ENRTE: New outport at Alameda Point
Interim Movement
7/15/1997 At new permanent outporthomeport
Interim Movement
3/19/1998 Conducting activation sea trial
Interim Movement
3/20/1998 Completed activation sea trial
Interim Movement
9/23/1999 Conducting sea trial
Interim Movement
9/24/1999 Completed sea trial
Interim Movement
2/29/2000 Under tow to SBRF
Interim Movement
2/29/2000 New homeport is SBRF
Interim Movement
8/9/2001 Tow to San Francisco Drydock for repairs
Interim Movement
8/9/2001 At San Francisco Drydock
Interim Movement
10/22/2001 Conducting sea trial
Interim Movement
10/23/2001 Completed sea trial at Alameda Point CA
Interim Movement
11/6/2001 Moving up pier approx. 65 feet
Interim Movement
11/6/2001 Completed pier movement
Interim Movement
1/31/2002 Under tow to SBRF
Interim Movement
1/31/2002 Returned from repairs
Interim Movement
2/11/2003 ENRTE: San Francisco Pier 50 for repairs
Interim Movement
Interim Movement
4/2/2003 Conducting sea trial
Interim Movement
4/3/2003 Unsuccessful sea trial | Retrial 4/8/03
Interim Movement
5/7/2003 Under tow to Alameda Pier 1 for bunkers
Interim Movement
5/7/2003 In for bunkering
Interim Movement
5/15/2003 Under tow to Cascade General Portland OR
Interim Movement
5/22/2003 In for drydocking
Interim Movement
6/6/2003 Conducting sea trial to Alameda CA
Interim Movement
6/8/2003 Completed sea trial from Cascade General
Interim Movement
8/30/2004 Turbo Activation 04-4 sea trial | MSC OPCON 8/31/04
Interim Movement
9/2/2004 Completed Turbo Activaion 04-4 | MARAD OPCON 09-03-04
7/25/2006 Downgraded from the RRF to NDRF Retention in the Fleet
Interim Movement
7/25/2006 Downgraded from the RRF to NDRF Retention in the Fleet
Interim Movement
7/25/2006 Downgraded from the RRF to NDRF Retention in the Fleet
Stripping Complete
7/31/2009 Vessel stripping complete.
12/26/2013 Vessel cleared historic review process.
7/29/2015 Vessel withdrawn from Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet; to be recycled by All Star Metals of Brownsville, Texas after hull cleaning.
4/4/2016 Vessel fully dismantled.

Ship Imagery

Status Cards


Date Type Name Download
12/11/2013 Meteor National Register Eligibility Assessment.pdf Default Generic Download Image
4/7/1999 Historical METEOR Profile.pdf Default Generic Download Image
4/7/1999 Historical METEOR Decks.pdf Default Generic Download Image


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Shipwreck Information

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