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Year Built
Official Number
Basalt Rock Company
General Type
Specific Type
MIL – Other
Ship Length
214 feet
44 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
Gross Tons
Cargo Capacity
Draft, Summer
14 tons
Draft, Lightweight
11 tons
Displacement, Summer
2043 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
Immersion, Summer
1492 tons
Immersion, Lightweight
Sold - Scrap

Historical Narrative

The Maritime Administration completed a National Register of Historic Places eligibility assessment for Reclaimer which includes a narrative history of the vessel.  It can be viewed in the Documents section.

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Historical Documents
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Event: Acquisition
Date: 1/1/0001

Event: Launch
Date: 6/23/1945

"Reclaimer was launched June 23, 1945"
Event: Commissioned
Date: 12/20/1945

"commissioned December 20, 1945"
Event: Arrival
Date: 6/1/1946

"Joined the task force preparing for the Atomic Bomb Tests at Bikini Atoll and arrived at Bikini of June 1, 1946"
Event: Decommissioned
Date: 6/23/1946

"Reclaimer was decommissioned on June 23, 1946 and placed in the Pacific Reserve Fleet in San Diego."
Event: Arrival
Date: 9/1/1946

It returned to Pearl Harbor in September of 1946
Event: Arrival
Date: 10/1/1946

It returned to the U.S. West Coast October 1946
Event: Clearance
Date: 1/13/1947

"It received final radiological clearance on January 13, 1947."
Event: Recommissioned
Date: 12/1/1950

"Reclaimer was recommissioned on December 1, 1950 for service in the Korean War"
Event: Service
Date: 2/12/1951

"Enroute to the Far East it towed a Navy vessel to Pearl Harbor, arriving on February 12, 1951."
Event: Arrival
Date: 4/29/1951

"It arrived at Sasebo, Japan via Guam on April 29, 1951"
Event: Salvage Effort
Date: 5/8/1951

"On May 8, 1951 it joined the USS Grasp (ARS]24) in a successful effort to salvage the cargo ship Muhlenberg Victory, which had gone ashore on an island near Sasebo."
Event: Escort
Date: 6/1/1951

"In June of 1951 Reclaimer escorted the USS Wiley (DD597), to Sasebo after the Wiley was damaged by mines."
Event: Service
Date: 8/1/1951

"August 1951 it took part in minesweeping operations and installed buoys in the harbor of Wonsan, Korea."
Event: Service
Date: 9/7/1951

"On September 7,1951 it refloated the Japanese LST Q081, which had beached at Kangnung, Korea."
Event: Service
Date: 10/1/1951

In October 1951 it assisted the seagoing tug USS Yuma (ATF94) in towing the disabled British hospital ship Maine through Japans Shimonoseki Straits.
Event: Departure
Date: 1/22/1952

"On January 22, 1952 Reclaimer left Yokosuka, Japan bound for Pearl Harbor."
Event: Departure
Date: 10/21/1952

"The Reclaimer left Pearl Harbor on October 21, 1952 enroute to Sasebo towing the USS YC104."
Event: Service
Date: 12/1/1952

"In early December 1952 it was at Sokeho Hang, Korea refloating two LSTs that had run aground in a storm"
Event: Tow
Date: 12/18/1952

"It then towed one of the vessels to Sasebo, arriving on December 18, 1952"
Event: Arrival
Date: 7/25/1953

"Returned to San Diego on July 25, 1953"
Event: Departure
Date: 3/1/1954

"March 1954, it proceeded to the Marshall Islands to join the salvage operations related to the hydrogen bomb tests."
Event: Service
Date: 5/1/1954

"In May 1954, the Reclaimer spent four months operating in Korean and Japanese waters and then went to French Indochina to participate in Operation Passage to Freedom, the evacuation of refugees from what would later become North Vietnam."
Event: Arrival
Date: 12/31/1954

The ship returned to the West Coast in late 1954.
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1956

"In 1956 it relieved the oiler USS Ponchatoula, which was towing the merchant vessel Venus out of the path of Typhoon Ivy"
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1957

"In 1957 it refloated the LST USS Chittenden County (LST561), which grounded at Kauai, Hawaii."
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1960

In 1960 it installed underwater cables near Midway Island.
Event: Service
Date: 8/1/1961

"In August 1961, Reclaimer and the seagoing tug USS Lipan (ATF]85) were sent to Phu Quoc Island off Vietnam to refloat the South Vietnamese landing craft Long Dau, which had broached on the beach while landing supplies."
Event: Service
Date: 5/1/1962

In May 1962 Reclaimer went to Christmas Island to assist in the Operation Dominic atomic tests.
Event: Service
Date: 11/15/1962

"The Reclaimer arrived at the island on November 15th, 1962 to assist the USS Bolster (ARS]38), USS Deliver (ARS]23), and the seagoing tug USS Wandank (ATA]204) in salvage operations."
Event: Service
Date: 3/1/1963

"In March 1963 Reclaimer salvaged the motorship Shokufu at Pago Pago, Samoa."
Event: Service
Date: 5/2/1964

"On May 2, 1964 The Reclaimer, aided by the seagoing tug USS Tawakoni (ATF]114), succeeded in refloating USS Card at Saigon and towing it to the Philippines."
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1965

"In 1965 the ship carried out further salvage operations in the Vietnam War zone, including refloating LST559 in the harbor at Da Nang."
Event: Service
Date: 2/1/1966

"In February of 1966, Bolster and Reclaimer pumped the damaged civilian tanker Sea Raven and refloated it in Chu Lai, Vietnam."
Event: Service
Date: 4/24/1966

"On April 24, 1966 the civilian cargo ship Excellency went ashore on Triton Island in the China Sea and was refloated by Bolster, Reclaimer, USS Coucal (ARS]8) and the seagoing tug USS Ute (ATF76)."
Event: Service
Date: 3/1/1967

In March 1967 Reclaimer aided the merchant vessel Norbega that was adrift west of Midway Island.
Event: Service
Date: 8/29/1968

"It returned to Da Nang, Vietnam for further salvage duty on August 29, 1968"
Event: Service
Date: 9/1/1968

In September 1968 it salvaged the LCV1615 in Da Nang Vietnam
Event: Service
Date: 10/1/1968

In October 1968 it salvaged the LCU1576 in DaNang Vietnam
Event: Service
Date: 7/22/1972

"on July 22, 1972, Reclaimer took the damaged destroyer USS Warrington in North Vietnam in tow and delivered it at Subic Bay."
Event: Service
Date: 4/1/1980

"In April 1980, the Greek cargo ship Anangel Liberty went ashore on French Frigate Shoals in the western Hawaiian Islands. The Reclaimer, assisted by the tug Mana, refloated the ship, which resumed its voyage to Japan."
Event: Service
Date: 6/1/1982

In June of 1982 it picked up a target hulk in Singapore.
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1984

"During the early 1980s the ships crew also recovered two bodies from the crash of an FA14, and participated in joint military exercises with the South Korean navy."
Event: Service
Date: 1/1/1994

"In 1994, it completed the ocean tow of a defueled nuclear submarine."
Event: Decommission
Date: 9/16/1994

"The Reclaimer was decommissioned on September 16, 1994, and placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet."
Event: Entry
Date: 10/6/2000

Event: Acquisition
Date: 10/6/2000

Title f/disposal. LS 1492
Event: Transfer
Date: 7/28/2001

"It was transferred to the U.S. Maritime Administration on July 28, 2001"
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 7/28/2001

Event: Disposition
Date: 7/28/2001

MARAD accepted title 07-28-01
Date: 11/28/2006

Undergoing Navy sinkex preps at Concord Navy Weapons Station.
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 11/28/2006

Undergoing Navy sinkex preps at Concord Navy Weapons Station.
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 12/1/2006

Undergoing Navy sinkex preps at Concord Navy Weapons Station.
Event: Cleared Historic Review
Date: 6/17/2009

Vessel cleared NHPA processing.
Event: Ship name change
Date: 5/4/2011

Date: 6/10/2011

Event: Interim Movement
Date: 6/10/2011

Event: Withdrawal
Date: 10/14/2011

Dismantlement complete under disposal contract with Marine Metal Inc. in Brownsville, TX.

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