Year Built
Official Number
Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson
General Type
Specific Type
Ship Length
523.25 feet
72 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
Gross Tons
Cargo Capacity
Draft, Summer
25.5 tons
Draft, Lightweight
Displacement, Summer
16793 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
9010 tons
Immersion, Summer
Immersion, Lightweight
Sold - Scrap

Historical Narrative

The Maritime Administration completed a National Register of Historic Places eligibility assessment for Sirius which includes a narrative history of the vessel.  It can be viewed in the Documents section.

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Historical Documents
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Event: Status Change
Date: 7/1/2005

Selected to be new Texas A&M school ship (replacing TX CLIPPER II)
Event: Acquisition
Date: 7/1/2005

Acquired from US Navy
Event: Vessel Activation
Date: 9/3/2005

Activated in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 9/10/2005

Activated for Hurricane Katrina Relief
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 9/12/2005

At Nashville Wharf in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina Relief
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 11/23/2005

ENRTE: Lake Charles, LA
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 11/26/2005

At Lake Charles, LA to relieve TEXAS CLIPPER II
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 3/1/2006

Departure from FEMA Mission to Galveston, TX
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 3/2/2006

Completed FEMA Mission/Hurricane Katrina Relief
Event: Depart
Date: 9/11/2008

Leaving Texas A&M for Galveston City dock to avoid Hurricane Ike.
Event: Status Change
Date: 1/14/2009

Plans to convert vessel into a school ship have were canceled.
Event: Downgraded
Date: 4/28/2009

Vessel downgraded to Non-Retention status pending disposal actions.
Event: Entered Fleet
Date: 6/26/2009

Vessel entered Beaumont Reserve Fleet.
Event: Status Upgrade
Date: 8/1/2009

Vessel status upgrade.
Event: Non-Retention
Date: 4/23/2012

Vessel downgraded from retention to non-retention/stripping.
Event: Disposal
Date: 10/31/2013

Stripping complete.
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 5/28/2014

Vessel departed under domestic sale.

Ship Imagery

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9/19/2012 National Register Eligibility Assessment Sirius.pdf Default Generic Expand Image Default Generic Download Image


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